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A Guide to Final Year of University

It's that time of year again where summer is unfortunately over and for some of you, final year of university is just a few weeks away. This time last year, I was dreading it to be honest because it was obviously my last year of university studies. I had no plans or intentions to go and do a Masters or continue my studies in another way, so knowing this was the final curtain for me was daunting. Despite this, I tried to not let it distract me so much and just tried to make the last year of university for me count. But what I wanted to do was share my experience from my final year in the form of advice, so that if any of you are feeling exactly how I felt or know of anyone who is feeling the same way, this advice can be shared. What you are about to read are my top 5 tips to get through the final year of university, starting with: Tip #1: Don't let the phrase "Final Year" get on top of you Now I know this is easier said than done, but from my experience,

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