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My Uni Room Set-up

This is a first for me writing an interior post, but I've seen soo many other bloggers writing this and I thought why not? It may have either too many photos or not enough and my room may not look as exciting or anything like that in comparison to other uni rooms you've seen but it's my home away from home and I love it! So without further ado:


The Overview
It's probably best to start off with an overview of the size of the room. Now I chose this room last year because of the space it has, and as an art university student, you want to be happy with the space you can work in. As you first walk through the door, you are greeted by the large window and there is a large full-length mirror situated behind the door to the right. To the left is where my wardrobe and chest of draws are. Surprisingly my wardrobe and draws are not as full as what they could have been because I left half my wardrobe at home (you have to prioritise). As you continue looking further rou…

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