Sunday, 30 October 2016

Thinking About My Future!

Saturday 22nd October 

I have always been someone that worries about the future, that thinks about where I want to be this time next year or what I could possibly be doing in 5 years time. But this is what we've been taught to do, right? Prepare. Create an action plan spanning over 5 years to give you a head start into what you should be doing tomorrow. Planning the objectives to achieve the overall aim. I still do this, but I have been learning to also take each day as it comes because I am 19 years old, still young, and still have a life to experience: I do not want to plan it away to the death and live life according to what my diary says I should be doing.

Being in my last year of a second year foundation course is scary, and there are 4 options I can choose from:
  • Complete a top-up year or progress to another university to do a BA Hons degree
  • Head into employment
  • Head into an apprenticeship
  • Do nothing
I like being lazy every once in a while but a 9-5 routine of being lazy? I think that is a nope from me! I could head into employment or an apprenticeship and for some it works; yet I want to build my industry experience so that I'm not heading into the deep end head first.
Only one option remains then: PROGESSION! Potentially at the University of Huddersfield where I went for an Open Day.

The course I went to look at was Costume with Textiles, the only university which offers this course (bonus) and a course where I can re-explore my love for textiles, a subject I enjoyed so much in high school. The opportunities, industry links and facilities described to me were immense! Students have travelled to pursue a placement at the Sydney Opera House, Michael Kors in New York...two opposite ends of the world that I never thought I would have the chance to go to, let alone work in! But I am a student so I think flying for work is going to have to wait for a while...

Oh and also the brilliant stylist and fashion blogger Megan Ellaby attended here! Another bonus!

Freebie bag!

What else was there about Huddersfield erm...ooh! The campus! The campus buildings are close together and a brand new building for the arts is due to be completed in a few months time, and it already looks impressive. I didn't get chance to visit the library but one of my friends went and when she told me about it...oh my gosh it sounded like library heaven. An archive fully dedicated to Vogue magazines...oh my gosh I think I am in love. Laser cutters, embroidery machines, weaving machines and a dye room were just a few things that were situated within the building. Oh! And a digital printing machine where you can print your own design onto fabric - how awesome is that?! Alongside a photography studio and the required Apple Macs, I could not think of anything else that was missing. Only a few minutes away from the city centre and a 15 minute walk from the train station, with direct trains to Manchester and Liverpool, Huddersfield continued to tick all the boxes.

Now...the student accommodation. Obviously I will have to move away from home to study here because travelling to university everyday from where I live would mean living on the train...sort of. Of course I am going to be nervous about leaving my home, friends and family, but that is what put me off moving away in the first place. Now I feel I am ready to put my independence to the test and if I want the best for myself and my future career, I have got to be willing to make this sacrifice. Walking around the student village I visited had a great feel and a lovely atmosphere to it. Situated 20 minutes away on the bus from the campus and in a rural part of the city, it feels peaceful and friendly. The rooms are bigger than I was expecting (in other words, enough room to store my huge haul of fashion and art equipment and for someone to stay) so I can make it my home away from home. There's a place called The Venue in the student village where you can eat, drink, party, study, watch films and play games (the games room is open 24 hours so I think when my boyfriend comes to visit, I know where he will be) - everything a student needs, I believe. I could potentially work at The Venue behind the bar or organising events which is a bonus, and there are a variety of societies I can join. This may be the year where I actually work on my fitness!

Bed-time reading

As you can see, I really, really, REALLY liked visiting the University of Huddersfield. The support sounds amazing, the facilities look professional, the course is unique, student life sounds ideal, and travelling back home is more affordable to do frequently than if I were to study in London. Of course, I would still have the interview to attend and discuss my portfolio to see if they consider offering me a place before I make any rash decisions...but this place and the course really is at the top of my list.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I am 100% Autumn - Style Diary

8th October - Style Diary

There's something so satisfying about wearing new clothes out in the big city, showing how you wear the latest trend. For anyone that knows me, I LOVE my scarves and big floppy hats and boots and turtle necks - and now skirts. So when they can be matched in one look, flatter the figure and make you look ready for the autumn season, I'm ready to take on the cold after-effects of summer. I certainly was the other day...hence the 1000 photos - give or take a few - I scrolled through after a photo-shoot from my friends, Hannah and Megan (aren't they pros?)

There was a chill in the air on Saturday, but I felt as warm and as comfortable as an evening autumn fire after a long day. The pairing of dark green and burgundy and the contrast of textures are matches made in fashion heaven. It's a signature style of mine. Sometimes a last-minute outfit can be the one that people ask: "Did you plan this a week in advance?"

I'm looking to add a cosy cardigan to my autumn wardrobe to pair with my blue suede boots and this floppy hat....gosh how I love you Autumn, darling. 100%. 

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