Monday, 23 January 2017

Wake Me Up When January Ends!

Goodbye 2016...Hello 2017

Let's begin this post with a sincere apology for the lack of blog activity over the past month and a little bit. Truth be told, I have struggled for content ideas (and I had quite a busy Christmas period with university deadlines and spending time with loved ones and all that jazz). BUT, I am back on it now with a post about... the January blues. Well, sort of.

Winter walks in January

We all have it. The first month of the new year and everyone hates it. The time of the year where all the "new year, new me" posts fill eeeeeeeeeeevery social media timeline to which I always wonder how long their new persona will last. It's a load of sugar if you ask me. Yes, ask me. I tried it one year. Didn't last for a week. HOWEVER! Let us not focus on the present: let us focus on the future!

And by the future, I mean February.

It's all blue

I am speaking generally here but January does have the association of being a blue month and so I am absolutely desperate for the second month of 2017 to arrive, hence the title of this post. I know February is only 9 days away (and I did plan to have this published about a week and a half ago) but the days are p a i n f u l l y  d r a g g i n g. P  a  i  n  f  u  l  l  y. Let me analyse why the countdown to February 1st is dragging:

Number 1! It's Valentine's Day! (although this one will suck again because it's on a Tuesday and me and George won't be able to spend time together until the weekend :/...)
Number 2! It's 3 years since George and I first got to know each other through the wonders of Twitter and our mutual love for our football team (love you George <3 P.S. Do not text me saying I'm cringe)
Number 3! University interview at Huddersfield for costume and I am super excited and very very very nervous for it ahhhmygawwwd.
Number 4! KAISER CHIEFS! It will be my second concert since seeing McFly ages ago and our first concert as bf and gf.  Literally so cute.
Aaand finally....Number 5! LONDON BABY! A 3 day getaway with my uni gals, arranged by the university might I add. I never skive my studies. It's going to be shopping and food and sightseeing and taking looooads of pictures for memories. Oh, and OOTD blog posts. My London wardrobe is currently in process. Bye bye money. It was nice knowing you.
Number 5(a)! Pancake Day, and I will be in London as well so we shall be wandering the streets of the capital for some fancy pancakes.

This is why the countdown is dragging. February is going to be such an awesome month for me! Honestly, I never have such a socially busy month such as this so it really does make a great change. Of course it is going to be filled with the normal everyday university work but I am determined to not fall behind like last year...but I am also determined not to let it suck the joy out of what is going to be an fantabulous February.

This has been a bit of a short blog post because I am still a victim of the January blues. I think the lack of blog writing does not help in the slightest and I only have myself to blame for that and my lack of creativity. I think I need more inspiration and simply broaden the topics I usually focus on. But as February is only 9 days away and I have fantastic things planned for it, I think I can do no harm by writing a few lifestyle posts, an online diary possibly if that is what I can call it. I am thinking of writing one based on my university interviews (I have one this Thursday and need to add the finishing touches to my portfolio. Eeek.) and maybe have a post about how to get through interviews such as this? This calls for a blogging brainstorm, guys! If you have any ideas as what you want to see, let me know in the comments below and I'll see what I can magically type out.

I am looking forward to what 2017 brings me to be honest. It could potentially be filled with new changes and new opportunities: I will just simply take it as it comes. Who knows if this blog will progress into new opportunities?

For you reading this wherever you are, I would like to end with a quick thank you really. Whenever I publish a new post, I love seeing the amount of views it has had and where in the world it has been viewed. It's honestly so exciting for me to see that my name and my content is being read some place in the world I could only wish to travel to. Each post I have published, the views have increased and this really does provide me with the motivation I need to continue my blog. It is very early days for FAV but as I said, who knows what the future will bring?

February will be the start of my 2017, and I hope it starts with a bang.

Time for this girl to get some sleep. Wake me up when January ends, will you? 
Much love to you all! V A x

Photographs taken by George Turner and Megan Rhodes

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