Thursday, 29 September 2016

Novice Photographer

I am going to let the photos do the talking this time.

I can easily verify that I am not a professional photographer and that I lack (possibly) the most simplest of skills to produce an effective photo that make the audience stop, stare...the stop and stare again.  Nevertheless, I have found myself posting photographs of anything that screams a photo opportunity.


With a slight edit to only make the colours pop and the features to look a tad more noticeable, here are a few of my recent photography from days out and a delightful holiday this summer to Dublin.

Let me know in the comments what you think of these! Also what future blog posts would you like to see? Let me know in the comments down below!

Autumn sunset

River Severn - Bridgnorth


Dublinia - Dublin

St Stephen's Green shopping centre - Dublin


Summer - St Stephen's Green park, Dublin


Summer - St Stephen's Green park, Dublin

Temple Bar - Dublin

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

An Introduction

At the moment, I am currently sitting in my pyjamas whilst on FaceTime with my boyfriend, writing this very BAD attempt at a blog post (totally not giving away the fact that I am not comfortable with writing a blog *insert awkward emoji here*). I feel like I shouldn’t overthink what I want to talk about so my technique is this:

Ramble on and on before editing this like crazy until I am happy with the final blog post….before going back into it and editing some more!
Thinking about what to blog
Outfit details can be found on Instagram

Here's the actual post:

I am a 19 year old fashion student who, a few months ago, began my FAV Instagram account and honestly, I could not be more proud of how far it has come! The likes, comments and followers have made me discover so many successful fashion bloggers, companies and designers. I scroll through my news feed every hour to see what they post and I am always fascinated by what I find.

Recent post - Tuesday 20th September 2016
Link is at top of blog
My obsession with fashion started when I was in Year 6. By this time, I had been through many dream career changes – including wanting to be a professional football player for England.

Not going to happen!

But it was the night that Ugly Betty premiered on Channel 4 and I watched the first episode…I was hooked! I watched every episode there was to watch! More and more, I loved watching the inside life of working at a fashion magazine. My desire to work at somewhere like that only grew and I had made up my mind that when I grew up, I wanted to be a fashion designer. (I played my future self perfectly in the primary school leaver’s play as a fashion designer.)

Since then, all my GCSE subject choices and A-Level choices were focused towards this dream career. I will admit, my future career ambitions slightly fluctuated throughout high school; but they never steered away from a creative industry.

Anyone who is my age has grown up in a time where bloggers and YouTube stars have taken over the internet (in a good way!) Fashion is such a tough industry to breach into anyway; but I’ve noticed that fashion bloggers such as Lorna Luxe and Rosie Fortescue have generated such a successful name for themselves, that I feel inspired to do the same!

I have no idea how well this blog will do or whether I will stick at it for months to come, what with university and other commitments; however, I am going to see how this blog develops.

Now the question is: what will my blog include?

WELL….it will (hopefully) be focused around fashion and art, along with updates about how university is going, or anything that I don’t mind sharing about my personal life. If anyone were to recommend a topic for a blog post, I would be more than happy to consider it because knowing me….I will have writer’s blank.

So would you all like to see a Q and A blog? Would you like to see updates about my progress at university and what I am learning about the fashion world? Leave me comments down below!

But, like I said, I want my blog to be focused on Fashion and Art – FAV J

I am writing this blog for myself in the hope that I can be 100% honest and genuine and be me. This is a step towards making my name known in the fashion world.

Outfit details can be found on my Instagram

It has never been a moral I’ve always used; but I feel it applies to so much now as I venture into the blogging world…. “Slow and steady wins the race.”