Wednesday, 31 January 2018

A Little Update

I'm pretty sure I've been down this road already on my blog, yet here I am again explaining to you all why I've been absent from blogging the past couple of months. I'm annoyed at myself that I've let myself get to this position. Again. Yet, it's happened.

Basically, university kind of put me on temporarily hold from blogging. With my deadlines being last month and so much work needed for them, I felt I couldn't find the free time really to think of new content and write so much about it like I did in the summer where my blogging was at its best. Don't get me wrong, majority of the uni work I did I really did enjoy doing, such as my designing and millinery, quite a bit I posted about on my Instagram. I wanted to write new stuff yet the mindset just wasn't there. I felt I was organised enough with my studies for my first set of deadlines this year, but it was a case of I achieved one small part, then another big section was waiting to be completed.

I suppose it wasn't just my studies either that got in the way: it was also the fact that I had hit a wall with what I could have written on my blog. I always overthink what I want to publish on my blog which will be enjoyable to read, something you could relate to and also something that I myself had enjoyed writing. I've always been someone who overthinks everything and it explains why I get stressed so easily: I always want everything to be perfect and, even though I know nothing is ever going to be 100% spot-free perfect, I struggle to accept that I make mistakes. I take mistakes as a positive because that's how I learn, it's how we all learn: so maybe neglecting my blog for the past months was a mistake.

I write this blog as something to do in my down-time. It's a source of relaxation and even know as I'm typing this, I'm writing it so easily because I feel that writing about my own thoughts and opinions is something that comes so naturally to me, and it feels just lovely to do.

That being said, I am fully determined to make the most of what I can do with blogging. I really want to pursue it further this year and take it to a place where I know it'll be worth the hour I took away from uni studies because I am allowed to relax! I'm slowly starting to accept that an hour away from uni studies is allowed and I am allowed to put it to one side and just focus on what goes on outside of uni: my boyfriend, my family, my friends and anything else that does not require stress and study mode to be switched on.

So even though this was titled to be a little update, I rather think it has turned into a unleashing-my-feelings-type post. But I hope it was worth the read, and I look forward to continuing to write my blog as much as possible in 2018 x

V A x