Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Back To Blogging With New Stationery

As I have entered the world of blogging once more, I thought it would be a very sensible idea to find something which is purely for my blog ideas to write down when I am on the move or wake up at half 3 in the morning with a (potentially) great idea for my next blog post. So I found myself browsing for new stationery to make this happen and after searching a few brands and researching on other blogger's websites which brands they would go for, I found what I think is a perfect combination of brands for the style I like: Chase and Wonder and Fox + Star.

The Notepad

I purchased this notepad off Chase and Wonder because after many searches, I spotted their Art Deco range and immediately I was drawn into the use of gold and geometric shapes the times of the 1920's are so lovingly associated with. Whenever I see Art Deco, I always think of The Great Gatsby and oh you would not believe how desperate I am to attend a 1920's themed party! But anyways, there were 3 I could have chosen from and this particular pad stood out the most for me with its brick decoration. It is a 60-page lined A5 notebook which is perfect for me because I can carry it around with me whenever I feel like brainstorming for my blog. Only the other day when I was commuting on the train to my boyfriend's and I began planning out more blog posts. I've been waking up in the morning and keeping it on my bedside unit is so perfect because I think of it as my blog literally being in arm's reach when I need it. 

The paper is so smooth and of amazing quality to write on. Like all books and notepads, it does have a delicate spine so if you are one of those who hate it being bent, I would treat this pad with the upmost care. The lines are for me, perfectly spaced out but that is only down to the fact I have small handwriting so they are big enough for me. Possibly if you feel your handwriting is too big for this pad, then it is entirely up to you to purchase this; but as you can see from my doodles, any size handwriting is welcomed by this lovely book. Overall, I paid £9.99 for this pad (£1.99 for delivery and £8 for the notepad). I never usually spend this much on this particular stationery item; however, the brand is absolutely gorgeous and its character and the essence of British craft is truly embedded into this pad, qualities which I do love when purchasing any item of any kind. The delivery was spot on as (if I can remember correctly), it arrived within the space of 2 days neatly packaged and no damage was on the pad: a reliable brand and a worthy purchase if I do say so myself. 

The Pen

To match the blue/gold colour palette of my new pad, I sourced for a lovely writing pen and the perfect one was available on Fox + Star. This online stationery retailer sell a range of unique items created on a global scale and you can be spoilt for choice, but I spotted their range of Livework Gold Pattern Pens and selected their gold chevron pen. This one I felt matched the brickwork of the Art Deco pad more because the chevrons are strong shapes and are arranged in a bold way to signify its amazing quality.

This pen has a fine ballpoint nib which means you won't have a high chance of creating a small ball of ink gloop at the end like you do with some pens... It feels lovely to hold and oh the feel of when it is being written with is just heaven. The amount of pressure needed for this pen to write is minimal in comparison to standard ballpoint pens and when combined with the smooth paper in the notepad...well, it is simply a win win: a match made in stationery heaven. This pen (as with the others in this range) are £3.75 each with myself paying £3.00 for delivery: again, may seem too much for one pen, but the quality is what the brand describe it to be and it was dispatched and delivered under 2 days. Yet another reliable brand and definitely worth the price.

I am so glad I stumbled upon these 2 brands! Their products are stunning and I believe they have a range for everyone. Besides pads and pens are other items such as stickers, pencil cases and other forms of stationery you need to make you feel more organised and look professional whilst writing your jottings. I will leave all links to Chase and Wonder and Fox + Star at the end of this blog so pay them a visit and a follow and all that jazz.

I hope you have loved reading this stationery review! What are your favourite stationery brands? Are you a stationery hoarder? Leave a comment down below as I love reading what you have to say! 

Until the next blog post...
Much Love
V A x

Chase and Wonder

Fox + Star


  1. That Chase and Wonder notepad is gorgeous! I absolutely love Art Deco as well. Hope it inspires you in the blogging arena -- I can't wait to see future posts!


    1. I am so glad I spotted this brand! They are amazing! Thank you - I can't wait to continue blogging more as I have so many ideas noted down already!! xx

  2. These are so nice! The Great Gatsby one is so pretty! I love getting new stationary and it definitely helps with blogging ideas and getting creative ideas flowing in general.

    Ashley | Ashleymarlenis.com

    1. I'm loving them so much right now!! It has really helped me so I can't wait to see what these ideas will bring me and my blog in the future! Xx

  3. Love the Great Gatsby inspire notebook! Will definitely have to check these out.

    Alexis | xolexy.blogspot.com

    1. I would highly recommend you do as both brands have lovely stationery xx

  4. I absolutely love stationary, even if i don't need anything new i'll buy it anyway aha. I've never heard of Chase & Wonder before, im going to have to have a look now. Also, a 1920s themed party would literally be perfect, the whole era looks like it was so glamourous. The art deco notebook is gorgeous!

    1. It never hurts to have too much stationery! ;) and I didn't either but I am so glad I came across their brand xx and honestly I am dying to go to a themed party like this because I obsess over their fashion xx